Les Blues (Une Sonnette)

by Charlie Perez

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I had the idea to write a blues song based around a sonnet entirely in French a while back, but this is the first time I've actually done it.

This is also the first truly serious song I've uploaded in a while. After that string of three bullshit tracks, it's nice to let out something cool once in a while.


Je me suis réveillé ce matin triste (I woke up this morning depressed)
C'était tout comme mon cœur, il s'arrêtait (It was just like my heart had stopped)
Et j'avais mal, je pouvais pas résiste (And I was in pain, I couldn't resist)
La pensée d'être mort, défunt, tué (The thought of being dead, deceased, killed)
Couper moi-même s'rait une idée facile (To cut myself would be an easy idea)
Un couteau sur mon cou, ce serait ça (A knife to my throat, that'd be it)
Mais si je le fais lent, chuis imbécile (But if I do it slowly, I'm dumb)
La mort ne va pas me décrocher là (Death will not get me there)
J'étais trop soûl avec la haine de soi (I was too drunk with self-hatred)
Je voulais obt'nir le paix éternel (I wanted to get eternal peace)
Au moment il semblait pas muets à moi (At the time it didn't seem dumb to me)
Faire quelqu'chose comme boire peu d'eau de javel (To do something like drinking some bleach)
Bien sûr, tout k'j'ai fait en vie je regrette (Of course, I regret everything I've done in life)
Sauf quand j'ai m'même tué 'vec celle fourchette (Except when I killed myself with that fork)
Aw, baise-le! (Aw, fuck it!)


released March 17, 2012




Charlie Perez Peníscola, Spain

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